About Us

Our Story

We are a small family run business. An old traditional sweet shop nestled in the middle of the high street in Yeadon, Leeds. We are situated close to Leeds/Bradford airport and on the edge of the famous Yorkshire Dales.

We pride ourselves on providing good customer service and we aim to please at all times. From the moment you set through the door of our shop you are taken back in time.

Remember how you would spot all your old favourites and pass the jar up to the counter. Well, we can help you select all the best picks and savour each one!

Like all our customers, we LOVED walking to the local sweet shop as kids and choosing treats for the weekend.

We wanted to create this feeling in our shop where little ones are in awe and older generations feel a warm nostalgia – the smiles are wonderful! And naturally, our lovely customers become like family. 

If you cannot visit our shop in person then we would like to offer you the facility to buy our products online. Hopefully you'll enjoy shopping with us and choosing from our wide selection of traditional and retro sweets.